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The Philosopher and the Company

"Then wisdom everywhere makes men to have good fortune. For wisdom, I suppose, could never make a mistake, but must always do right and have right fortune, or else it would not be wisdom any longer" (Plato, Euthydemus, 280a)

"The one who is to be happy must not only get possession of such good things, but also must use them, or else there is no benefit from having them" (Plato, Euthydemus, 280d)

"That is why, dismissing from consideration the honours which stimulate most men's ambition, I shall keep my gaze fixed on the truth and aspire to perfection" (Plato, Gorgias, 526e)

Plato was a philosopher during the Classical period in Ancient Greece. His writings explored justice, beauty and equality, and also contained discussions in aesthetics, political philosophy, theology, cosmology, epistemology and the philosophy of language.

Plato Financial Services takes inspiration from Plato in a number of ways. Plato was deeply concerned with ethics. He thought that ethics, knowledge and the good life (eudaimonia) were inextricably connected. To live a good life is to seek knowledge, to do one's best, to act honestly, and with goodness as your primary end. To do this also requires humility, because while it is indeed possible to know many things, wisdom comes from understanding the limits of that knowledge. It was for those kinds of reasons that his teacher, Socrates, famously declared that his renowned 'wisdom' only really consisted in his awareness of his own ignorance. In other words, he did not claim to know that which he did not know, and in that respect, he was wiser than those who cover up their lack of knowledge.

Plato Financial Services follows this moral and intellectual guidance, including to pursue knowledge and to always be truth-seeking. This also includes a commitment to our own honesty and humility, such that we would not claim knowledge about things that we do not yet know. That said, we also have the philosopher's commitment to constant learning as well as a love of dialogue with others. More than this, we pledge to prioritise ethics in real and practical ways, including in the work that we do, and the support that we offer. We take seriously the promises that we make, and recognise that good financial advice can make all the difference to your chance to live a good and fulfilling life. According to Plato, an expert in any subject seeks to make goodness their priority by focusing on accuracy and holistic understanding, among other virtues, and then to share this knowledge with others. We trust that you will find us consistent in our promises, and these values present throughout our practice.

Plato Financial Services places a big emphasis on treating customers fairly and providing the right advice and solutions which benefit you both in the short and the long term. We pride ourselves on being active listeners, understanding what make you tick and communicating the sometimes complex nature of finance and insurance in a manner which you’ll understand clearly.

Helping one person may not change the whole world, but it can change that person’s world

We rise by lifting others

The Founder

Deniz Erden is a graduate of Economics and Politics with over a decade of experience in financial services. He’s also an experienced property developer and landlord since the late 90s. Deniz wanted to create a company which was not sales or target driven but instead places the emphasis on putting clients’ needs above all else.

Deniz is passionate about helping people become home-owners, moving to their dream home or using property to generate additional income. He also wants to help others when life’s unpleasant hurdles present themselves.

The Logo

Our logo was created by Ross Dishley, Managing Director of westhill.co.uk. Ross has over 25 years’ experience in graphic design and marketing. His career boasts a host of top tier clients including Goldman Sachs and Bank of America. He also created a brilliant collection of satirical art which he’s too humble to publish. We hope he does one day!

We wanted to create a logo which reflected the company’s philosophy. The dark blue shows an appreciation for traditional values, history, and the lessons it gifts. The lighter contemporary blue denotes modernity. The way we embrace change and aim to stay relevant in a changing world. This ‘old and new’ theme is also reflected in the combination of old and new fonts.

The ‘O’ in PLATO has a dual symbolism. On one hand, it resembles a target. This reflects our passion of helping clients focus on establishing and achieving goals. It is only through meaningful and sometime challenging discussion that one is able to truly understand what is important, and from this we can help form a course of action. On the other hand, the ‘O’ is a life-ring. This reflects compassion, our determination to help others and the way that good financial planning can become a life saver. With over 20 years in the industry, we’ve been instrumental in helping clients improve difficult circumstances, avoid financial hardship and move into dream homes.

Plato and Technology

The modern world has seen an exponential growth in technology and the use of the internet. Our lifestyles have changed as has the way we work and play. Our children aspire to do jobs which didn’t even exist a decade or two ago.

We aim to stay at the forefront of change and are always considering new technologies or software which can help deliver a better service. This includes to save time for us and our clients, increase security, and find the most appropriate financial solutions in the marketplace.

For clients who are too busy to meet face to face or prefer to do things in their own time, we can use Intelliflo’s award winning Personal Finance Portal. This offers a secure way of updating and seeing all your finances in one place 24/7. It can also be used to send fully encrypted messages, documents and have face to face video calling.

We also use a host of market leading software to ensure that we’re able to find you the most suitable products available for your given set of circumstances and priorities.

Plato and You

We understand that every client is different. Some prefer to do business over the phone, email or video calling. With the use of market leading technology, we are able to transact our business remotely, and in a safe, secure manner.

Plato and Helping Others

With great financial power comes great financial responsibility

Trusted by our customers

A word from our customers

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